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The Stages of Secret Santa


If you weren’t already stressed out enough about buying Christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest… along comes secret Santa! Trying to think of a gift for one of your work buddies you know little about can be a major headache… here are the reasons why secret Santa can be soooo good yet so stressful!

1) Pulling the name out of the hat (or what ever bowl shape thing is available in your office)

You pray you will pick out your work BFF – but you always end up picking the girl in the corner who has muttered two words the whole year – or even worse your boss – mission impossible!

secret santa 1

2) The not so secret Santa

Everyone wants to figure out whose got who!? “Who did you pick” and “you’ve soooo got me” makes secret Santa even more fun. Secret Santa never really ends up as Secret Santa does it!?

secret santa 2

2) That £10 budget

You have a limit of £10, is it a limit? is it a maximum? If you stick to the budget you might look a little tight, but if you go over budget people might start thinking you have a little office crush – Dilemma!

secret santa 3

3) The gift

You frazzle your brain trying to think of an out of the box gift that suits them, trying your hardest not to think of a bath set so you don’t get that fake “thank you!”. It’s not worth it, do a little bit of research or (Instastalking) so you know you will feel good when they are unwrapping it!

 secret santa 6

4) The wrapping

It’s the outside that counts! Everyone wants to have the best wrapped gift under the tree – so you end up going way over budget on cute wrapping and bows – for it to just get unwrapped by an unappreciative boy and dumped in the bin 🙁

5) Opening your gift

It’s your turn to open your gift… “please like it, please like it” goes over and over in your head! Get ready to fake your smile and pretend to love those bed socks that you’ve always wanted!

se4cret santa 6

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