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From Angelina Jolie to Kylie Jenner perfect pouting lips are so HOT right now. In honour of Kylie Jenner’s launch of her new birthday collection for Kylie cosmetics (YES we managed to blag ourself a set of those gold babies). Here are some quick tricks to achieve the perfect pout and get you selfie ready without breaking the bank…

1. Before applying any make-up, make sure you keep your lips smooth and hydrated. Make your own lip scrub, by mixing petroleum jelly with sugar = the perfect lip exfoliation. TOP TIP – Use a toothbrush to gently buff your lip, this will take away any dryness.

2. Have a natural dark lip colouring? Cover your lips with your foundation, this will take the darker pigments away and make it easier to wear that perfect Nude lipstick.

 3. Always line your lips by following the natural outline of your lips, you don’t need to have lip liner matching every shade of lipstick you own, instead why not purchase a clear lip liner, these can retail as cheap as £1 and work just the same as coloured liners. TOP TIP- DON’T over line your lips.

4. If using a coloured liner, use the pencil to draw in the edges of your lips, this will make them appear with more definition. Top TIP- Keep your lip liner pencil as sharp as your sass, for best effect.

5. Time to apply your lipstick, either using a brush or straight from the lipstick, whatever you prefer. TOP TIP- Less is more when applying lipstick, and do not forget to blot.

6. Use your concealer to erase any mistakes that may have happened during the process, especially at the sides of your lips, this will also give your lips more definition.

7. If you love lip-gloss, why not try a lip gloss plumper. Lip gloss plumper’s have an ingredient called Peptides, this improves collagen synthesis which will naturally make your lips appear bigger.

8. ALWAYS wear your colour with confidence- Babes go bold with red or hot pink or be flawless with a neutral

The purse friendly perfect pout essentials:

lip scrub – LUSH, £5.95

L.A Girl concealer £5

Rimmel London lip liner £3.60

NYX Lipstick -£6.95

Blotting Paper – UO exclusive £2.50

 kylie lip kit



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