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How to make your holiday pics Instagrammable


It’s holiday season.. YAY! and while va-kay is all about relaxing and having fun, it’s down to business when it comes to the holiday Instagram pics. You have to make the most of the incredible lightening and tropical backgrounds while you can, ensuring your snaps are insta worthy. We’ve got the top 5 must have holiday posts that will make your Instagram slaaaay on va-kay:

flamingo, pink, and pool image

The pink inflatable flamingo pic:

Flamingos are every girls new best fried this summer season and this instagram trend keeps growing and growing. Could this be 2017’s hottest summer trend? We think so…


The ‘caught off guard beach pic’:

We know the camera is there but it is still cute to pretend that we are looking into the distance unaware of the photo shoot happening around us.

Hot dogs or legs pic:

The queen of all holiday pics, oldie but goldie. What better way to show of your views and your tan with the ultimate holiday pic. #essential

Watermelon pic:

We all love to pretend that we are not binge eating and drinking on holiday by posting a few insta snaps of some funky fruits. Caption: I’ve been drinking watermelonnnn

The bikni bod pic:

Salads, no carbs, treadmills and green tea all year have finally all been worth it because it’s time for the one and only bikini pic. Show off that bod your worked hard all year for girl!



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