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Fake Tan Tips You Need to Know


Got a summer event coming up that you want to look glowing and golden at… Or heading off on holiday and you don’t want to spend the first few days looking pasty (ew, we hate that word)! It’s time to give your body a faux glow – you know what they say… fake it till you make it! Here’s some top tips to ensure you don’t endure any fake tan disasters…

Hair Removal


Make sure you wax/shave/thread at least 24 hours before applying your tan! This will give your skin a chance to soothe and settle and let the pores close. Another tip – after your tan is applied avoid shaving or waxing again as this will strip your tan off – and we know you will want to keep that golden glow for as long as possible!

Get Polished Up First


Make sure to get your toe’s and nails painted before your tan! Especially your feet – the process of a pedicure can be a nightmare for freshly tanned feet! The scrubbing will make your tan a little streaky – and we don’t want that!

Hair Mare


Don’t have a hair nightmare – you know how embarrassing it is when you go to the hair dresser and they wash your hair and remove the foundation around your hairline, revealing that your make up is two shade’s darker than your true skin colour – AWKWARD! It’s easily fixed with foundation – but not with fake tan! The chemicals in your hair dye can end up stripping the tan around your hairline – leaving your embarrassed for days! Not a good look…

Prep that bod

kim tan

The day before you fake tan make sure to exfoliate – this is key as it removes all the dead skin cells! Then only use a body moisturiser that’s oil free – this will optimise your tan results!

Drink Up


Start drinking more water than normal – the DHA ingredient in most tans can dehydrate the skin. So keep hydrated for optimum tan results – Hello H20!

Face First

fake tan 2

Apply your tan to your face first – as it’s important to remember that the tan on your face should be a lighter shade than your body, because once you contour and add blusher & bronzer your face will appear darker – especially us gals that like to go mad with the Chanel tan de soleil – if you know you know!

Don’t forget your ears


Don’t forget about your little ears – whatever product you have left on your hands or mitt blend over your ears!

Keep your eyebrows on fleek


If you have fair or blonde eyebrows, always remove excess tan with a cotton bud over the top of your brows! This will stop you from developing orange eyebrows… this is not a good look!

Say no to Chlorine

pool 2

Try to avoid swimming pools or hot tubs – the chemicals in the chlorine will strip your tan, and there are some tan’s out there that may make your tan develop a slight green tinge! You don’t want to be looking like the mask any time soon!

Happy Hands


We’ve all been there, our tan looks perfect in the photo until we see our hands! Why are they so white compared to the rest of me!? Well you need to protect your hands by mixing Vaseline and your hand cream together – this will set up a defense against water and hand sanitiser.

Sweaty Betty


Apply some baby powder to all the areas that swear the most in the sun, such as the back of your knees and inside your elbows! The powder will soak up the oils before they strip your tan off – this is a perfect remedy for keeping your tan in check all holiday long.


Here’s a list of our favourite fake tans to help you find the right formula:

1) Fake Bake – Contour Tan

2) Laurens Way – Cucumber & Watermelon tanning oil

3) Fake Bake – 5 minute mousse



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