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Christmas Party Etiquette with Nadia Essex


You better pick up the phone bae, Christmas is callin’. Of course, that only means one thing… YOU BETTER WERK THE WORK NIGHT OUT! Once you’ve picked the most slayin’ sequin #OOTN, your only worry is watching those Snapchat stories the morning after… Is that you taking shots with the boss?!

It’s about time someone put some rules into place for the night out of the year, and who better than Lady Nadia Essex to give us the six #QUIZMAS commandments?!

“Work parties can be tricky to navigate. You want to have fun but still want a job to wake up to the morning after. Some easy simple rules are as follows…”

  • Remember this is still effectively WORK and you are required to dress and act appropriately. This is not a hen night where you can go wild with your friends.
  • Dress demure. Your bosses don’t want to see a nip slip or a thong VPL. This is a chance to look pretty and feel good about yourself so wear something comfortable that you can dance in and makes you feel confident.
  • Eat something before you go. Drinking on an empty stomach is a sure-fire way to get F I R E D – don’t get too messy! Don’t deny yourself the odd vol-au-vant or sausage on a stick but if you turn up starving you are fighting a losing battle.
  • Don’t get too drunk. Again, the person / people who pay your wages, so you can pay your bills, is in the room. The drunk version of ourselves is never a good representation of ourselves.
  • Have a few drinks. Yes. Get merry. Yes.  But after four drinks, down a pint of room temperature water. You will still get tipsy but it will stop you from taking a step too far in front of your bosses.
  • Also stay away from the shots. There is no such thing as a classy shot and once the shots start you can guarantee serious beer fear in the morning.

PREACH IT SISTA! Catch up with dating expert and all-round life guru Lady Nadia Essex on her Instagram – @ladynadiaessex.



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