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16 thoughts every girl has at the office party


  1. “OMG the XMAS party invite just landed in my inbox, must concentrate and avoid shopping online…. I must finish report” You know how important that report is and it might help you get that promotion you’ve had your eye on, but surely it can wait an hour! Right?
  2. “5 hours to get ready.. I can totally do this” Biggest mistake you can make, time does not slow down while you’re watching Netflixpink rollers
  3. “OMG… WHAT!? I have to leave in an hour?!” Why did I watch another four episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix!? Exactly


  4. “Need to make sure I’m looking hotter than ever tonight” This is your chance to prove that you scrub up well and don’t always have your hair tied back with no makeup on (that’s when you the prettiest, I hope you don’t take it wrong! sorry had to do it).
  5. “Should I wear my new high heels that make my legs look amazing but make my feet hurt like hell or stick to the ones I can dance in all night?” Decisions, decisions, we know the wise answer, but lets just look fabulous and deal with the consequences later.
  6. “I need to take as any selfies as possible to get the perfect profile picture” Finding good lighting, a nice background and cocktail isn’t as easy as it sounds.


  7. “Coat or no coat… Coat or no coat” Is the cloak room queue really worth it? Probably, but who can be bothered spending all that time waiting when you could be having a good time.
  8. “Alright I’ll eat – BUT no carbs! OK maybe one mini burger, after all I need something to soak up this vodka lime soda” You might as well, that McDonald’s on the way home isn’t exactly carb free.


  9. “I promised myself I would only have 3 drinks, OK just one more…” The office Xmas party only comes once a year, it’s OK to loosen up, ‘Tis the season to party after all
  10. “You’re soooo nice, I’m soooo happy you’re my boss, we should party more often!” Drunk chat with your boss isn’t exactly going to catapult your career but if the banter is good then you might just put yourself on the radar.
  11. “Better swerve that mistletoe… Although John from accounts is looking kind of hot” John from accounts is never kind of hot,  I repeat, John from accounts is never hot. SWERVE immediately. mistleto
  12. “Uhhh this is the 34th pic they’ve taken, I was picture perfect at shot number 17 – HURRY UP!” There’s always that one friend demanding 100 retakes, it’s OK though, you’re already 5 cocktails and 2 shots in, time is flying!
  13. “Hmmm running out of drink vouchers, better start sweet talking the organisers!” A little harmless flirting goes along way… Right?
  14. “Must not drunk Snapchat… But me and Jenny dancing on the table is so funny, people will want to see this.” No, no one wants to see you both scrambling like 2 baby hyenas. Log out of Snapchat at 1am.


  15. “This McChicken sandwich is amazing, so glad I ordered a cheeseburger and fries too” Yep, the diet starts tomorrow for sure! Well maybe the day after, I do need to eat a lot to get rid of the hangover.
  16. “Right, finally in bed, not sleep yet so who should I text?” Drop the phone, do not drunk text. Don’t listen to what Drake or Chris Brown say, drunk texting is NOT cool!







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