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11 Holiday Snaps You’ll See This Summer


It’s that time of year! Everyone’s heading off on their summer vacays, whether it’s a city break, girl squad holiday or beginning of the “gap yah” your insta feed is about to be spammed with those classic holiday photo’s… read on to see how many you’re guilty of!

That Airport Layout


The feeling of pure jealousy when your mate uploads a photo containing her passport, sunglasses and all the duty free make up a girl could dream of!

Hitting The Runway


The view from the plane – looking out at that horrible rainy British weather, just to depress us that little bit more the caption normally goes like “See you in a week” we’ll get back to our spreadsheets, while they jet off to a tropical paradise – Oh to go the Bahamas and forget the drama’s!

Hot Dog Legs

hot dog

Is it two hot dogs or a set of pins – who knows? Who care’s – we’re over this holiday snap!

Tan Lines

airport tan lines

Whilst we’re trying our best to dodge the rain, our bestie is showing off those golden brown sun kissed tan lines – what is LIFE!?

No Carbs Before Marbs

airport food

They’ve starved themselves for two months to get that bikini bod – you know what they say “No Carbs Before Marbs” so it’s totally acceptable of them to spam our Snapchat full of carbs – Oh and you can’t forget the classic ice cream pic!

Where in the world?

Airport camel

Your friend’s just making sure everyone know’s where she is, I mean we didn’t see the fountains at Burj Khalifa, a camel or that emirates flight ticket and think she was in sunny Manchester, did we!?

Do You Like Pina Colada’s!? Holiday Cocktail

Oh the strategically placed cocktail shot – bonus points for the beach and clear blue sky in the background – pass us a Pina Colada right now.

Yacht Life

holiday 3

If your gal pal is a baller, then get ready for a yacht pic #YachtLife – warning, don’t open Snapchat that day unless you want a case of series FOMO!

Sunset Beach

holidasf 2

That magical sunset – we’re a sucker for one of these too, especially the pink & orange sunset hues.

The Outfit


The outfit she’s spotted two months before her holiday and she’s went on and onnnn about it. You know she’s pictured the location, her hairstyle and saved it for the last night – when her tan is at its maximum. It’s the 100 liker Instagram shot!

That End Of Week Babe’n Bikini Selfie

Holiday pic

If we looked as good and as tanned as this in a bikini, then this would be uploaded straight to our Insta too! #TanGoals


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