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Who we’re girl crushing on this Valentine’s Day


It’s not all about the boy’s this Valentines Day, we’re crushing on girls just as hard! From our favourite model to bloggers… these girls are killing it!

Valentina Muntoni – Fashion Designer and Model

INSTAGRAM- “valentina_muntoni”


Why are we crushing?

– We love her effortlessly chic and cool style
– She keeps us motivated all year round with that amazing bod
– We are constantly crushing over that all year tan

Cindy Kimberly – Instagram Bae

INSTAGRAM – “wolfiecindy”


Why are we crushing?

– Well Justin Bieber is also crushing
– Her lips are goals
– She is basically a selfie goddess

Sarah Ashcroft – Fashion Blogger

INSTAGRAM – “sarahhashcroft”

sarah ashcroft#

– She ALWAYS looks on point
– She is a great example of a successful young female
– We are totally jealous over her makeup skillzzz and shoe collection

Agnes Pimentel – Model

INSTAGRAM – “agnesspimentel”

agnesWhy are we crushing?

– She is literally cute cute cute as a button
– Effortlessly beautiful
– She is seriously TALENTED

Patricia Manfield – Singer

INSTAGRAM – “patriciamanfield”


Why are we crushing?

– She has an amazing voice and cool af style
– Shes definitely not afraid to stand out
– Her and her boyfriend are literally relationship goals


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