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Want My Job!? An Interview With Our Accessories and Jewellery Buyer



Meet Sammi our sassy jewellery and accessories buyer! We’ve asked her a few Q’s about her job here at QUIZ HQ, how she got here and her favourite cocktail of course (the most important)…

1) Describe a typical day at QUIZ HQ?

A typical day at QUIZ HQ for me would be-  firstly analyzing sales and then trying on/ordering GORGEOUS shoes, bags and jewellery for our shops.

2) My #OOTD at work consists of?

An over-sized shirt with washed denims and ankle boots – then finished off with a tartan scarf!

3) I got the job how?

I applied online and stayed awake for literally a whole week straight – to ensure I was prepared

4) Can’t get through the day without?

My phone..  It’s got all my trusty emails & pictures of what I’m buying on it… I’d be lost without my phone.

5) The last fashion item I bought?

a GORGEOUS sequin playsuit for my night out in a few weeks – preparation is key!

6) What do you love about your job?

Every day is different.. no two days are the same in this job and every day is a new challenge. A sneak peek into what’s going to hit the high street is also always fun!

7) What’s your favourite after work Cocktail?

I love a frozen strawberry daiquiri… it’s so tasty and refreshing.

8) What advice would you give to someone who wants to get in to the fashion industry?

Work hard and always push yourself. It’s always worth it in the end (trust me)

9) If you could swap jobs with anyone who would it be?

I’m such an animal lover, I’d love to be a zookeeper for the day and cuddle all the little baby animals.

10) Favourite person you follow on Instagram?

Kourtney Kardashian.. my favourite of all the Kardashian’s 🙂 I love her style and attitude.


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