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Skin Resolutions To Make Now


Now that party season is over, and you’ve probably partied a little too hard! Rocked heavy make up more than often and forgot to wipe it off at night – so your usual skin regime has went totally out the window. It’s time to refresh and give your skin some much needed TLC.

1. Beauty, Please Sleep

All these late nights will start to catch up on you – and no, beauty sleep is not a myth! The purification of your skin cells is most active when you are zzz’d out. So its key to get plenty of it and make sure to remove all make up so your skin can really rejuvenate over night.

2. Sun Protection

Even in the winter you’ve still gotta protect yourself from those rays! It’s been said that 80% of the suns rays can penetrate through the clouds – So not only will sun screen keep the wrinkles at bay it also helps prevent skin cancer. (check your foundation, some have an SPF already built in – bonus!).

3. Keep That iPhone Clean

Your mobile touches your face everyday – it’s easy to forget how dirty it may get, but reports suggest that 92% of tested phones have bacteria on them – EW. Grab some antibacterial wipes and keep your phone cleanliness high to keep those germs away!

4. Stop Touching Your Face

We all have a habit of sitting working  day dreaming at our desk and resting our hand on our face – well this is a habit we need to kick for 2016, as not only does it remove your makeup it will transfer all the horrible bacteria from your hands to your face which can often lead to spots

5. Sip Those Smoothies

Green smoothies may not look that appetising, but trust us some of them taste good & they do give you that glowly skin you’re after  – so invest in a good blender & blend your way to radiant skin in 2016

6. Drink It Up

It’s a well known fact that drinking litres of water a day can improve not only your health but also your skin! Especially in the winter as your skin cries out for extra hydration (from all that partying) . Don’t worry if you can’t manage 8 litres in one day – you can get your extra water from fruits and vegetables that contain “structured water”!

7. Throw Away Those Toxins

Chuck away those cigarettes, caffeine drinks & excess salt meals to start a fresh! Consuming all of the above will really punish your skin, causing dehydration and inflammation.

8. Fancy a Facial

After all the heavy partying, late nights & bad food – your face will definitely fancy a facial! Massaging the face will improve circulation to reduce puffiness and wrinkles – no need for Botox!





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