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It’s National Popcorn Day baes! So what better excuse to grab ya bestie, your mermaid blanket and some poppin’ corn. We’re giving you a run down of our top 7 fav movies of all time. From the magical new releases like La La Land, and the classic blockbusters to the chick flicks we can watch time and time again. 

The Old Time Classic – Wizard Of Oz!

Because could you really ever beat wearing sparkly red heels everyday and having the quirkiest 3 besties?

dorothy, gif, and movie image

The Comedy – Bridesmaids

An oldie but a goldie. This bride’s squad is serious girl gang goals.

We feel this is how real life wedding planning works right?


autumn, sleep, and melissa mccarthy image

The Chick Flick – The Notebook

The ultimate tear jerker – will we ever not cry a puddle of tears at this movie?

Grab your popcorn and your tissues! Ryan Gosling is EVERYTHING.

the notebook, allie, and movie image

love, the notebook, and kiss image

The Scary Movie – The Purge

If you’re all about fright night with your girl squad the Purge Trilogy will have you on the edge of your seat.

(Whilst covering your eyes in fear…)

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The Kids Flick – Finding Dory

The Disney flick that we all #LOVE, and we aren’t scared to admit it… not one bit.

Step aside Nemo, Dory is our new fave!

baby, dory, and finding nemo image

disney, disneyland, and castle image

The Sci-fi – Passengers

This is a sci-fi with a twist – a futuristic loooooove story.

And lets face it Chris Pratt is not hard of the eyes at all…

couple, Hot, and gif image

Jennifer Lawrence image

The New Release – La La Land

Deep down we all love a musical… and this is the perfect touch of sparkle and romance.

This is our MUST SEE atm. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling make the most dreamiest pair.

love, couple, and emma stone image

beautiful, movies, and emma stone image


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