Happy St Andrews Bae!


So today is officially St. Andrews day and we’re celebrating all things #Scottish for all the Scot babes out there ❤ From J.K Rowling to New Years Eve… we’ve got all the sparkle and fun.


dumbledore, gif, and harry potter image

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I mean without J.K. Rowling we wouldn’t have Harry Potter and what would the world be like without Harry Potter… WE CAN’T EVEN.

January 17 — Calvin Harris:

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Okay do we need to even to say anymore? Calvin Harris.. HELLO. We thank you Scotland.

Quite possibly the most Phenomenal cupcakes you've ever tasted! These Irn Bru cupcakes are a little taste of Scotland in one wee cake.:

If you ain’t tried this Scottish treasure then you ain’t been living. Irn Bru we ❤ YOU.

Lady gaga, telephone, and beyoncé image

pink, phone, and telephone image

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The TV and the telephone was invented in Scotland, so you can thank the Scots for Instagram, Netflix and Lady Gaga – Telephone.

Spending Hogmanay in Edinburgh. Article from The Telegraph.:

Fireworks, Hogmanay in Edinburgh:

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Scots throw the #BEST New Years Eve part-yays! Head to Edinburgh for a festive, fireworks filled street party for a night to remember.

Happy St Andrews Day Bae!


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