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Former Upper East Sider and Gossip Girl’s most sassiest sister Leighton Meester has officially just turned 31, can you believe it right?! No neither can we.

Flashback to her days in Gossip Girl when she played confident girl boss Blair Waldorf and we’ve been obsessed ever since. Who didn’t want Blair’s wardrobe, confidence and sassy attitude? Not to mention her on off relationship with heart throb Chuck Bass and her BFF Serena. It’s safe to say we’ve been Netflix and chill ever since Gossip Girl hit our screens, that’s why we’re throwing it back to Blair’s best moments. 

We pretty much relate to this every time a basic gives us shade…

 leighton meester gossip girl blair waldorf insult i hate you GIF

Blair gave every girl that confidence boost they needed. #GirlPower

 blair waldorf GIF

Blair taught us we are independent boss ladies that don’t need no man. Until bae messages you obv. (guilty)

And then this scene pretty much made us cry our eyes out…

 request leighton meester gossip girl blair waldorf leighton meester s GIF

When your girl squad say they are too tired to hit the club tonight…

 blair waldorf GIF

Blair taught us to keep your head, heels and your standards high.

gossip girl, quote, and blair waldorf image

We all have that friend who gives it to us STRAIGHT UP.

 leighton meester s GIF

TV’s best girl squad like ever… #queens

 serena GIF

That look you give someone when they say they don’t like Gossip Girl.

 leighton meester gossip girl blair waldorf blake lively serena van der woodsen GIF

Happy Birthday Leighton! ?



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